These 9 Fruits can make your Skin from Faded to Flawless

No need to spend hundreds to thousands of bucks on those expensive skin care products that don’t work every time. Mother nature has gifted humans many things that are still underrated for their benefits. 

Some of the fruits have lean proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that not only make you look healthier but also are proven beneficial for glowing and beautiful skin. 

1. Apple 


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Not only an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but it also helps your skin tissue to maintain the firmness as it is a rich source of Vitamin-C that prevents your skin from undergoing radical damage. 

2. Pomegranate 


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Pomegranate not only helps in faster digestion but also stores the most powerful antioxidants in it. It is a proven fact that pomegranate makes skin blemishes-free and moisturizes the skin deeply. Enjoy this sweet fruit raw or squash it in juice. 

3. Cherry


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Cherry is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, calcium, vitamin A, and folic acid, which helps your skin glow by treating your skin with nourishment deep within. 

4. Grapes


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Pay attention oily and pimple-skinned people! , grapefruit is on your way to cleanse your skin deep within. As with other citrus fruits, grapefruit has a cleansing and toning effect on the skin that gives you the confidence to show-off your acne-free face to the world. 

5. Orange 


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Like lemon and any other citrus fruit, Orange has rich vitamin-C that exfoliates your skin deeply and dry out acne on your face. It is beneficial in all its forms, whether relaxing skincare with orange masks or eating or drinking a juicy orange in the morning. 

6. Mango 


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The king of fruits, mango, is mostly everyone’s favorite and going to be your favorite too soon after reading this. The mango is a rich vitamin A and C fruit that helps to tone and rejuvenate your skin. So eat mango and make your skin flaw-free. 

7. Papaya


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Enjoy eating papaya but haven’t heard its skin benefits yet? Papaya is rich in papain, an enzyme that removes dead skin cells and lightens the skin tone if you eat it regularly. Eat, apply, drink- it goes all ways to consume for glowing and healthy skin. 

8. Strawberries


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The best to curb your sweet tooth as a low sugar fruit, strawberries are packed with vitamin-C, malic acid, and antioxidants that help you get a natural glow and lighten your skin. 

9. Banana 


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Banana is a bank of potassium, vitamin-B, and C that has proven to be extremely nourishing to the skin with extra benefits. Not only does it nourish your skin deeply, but it also makes your skin blemish-free and makes your skin texture more smooth. 


Not only do fruits add healthy alternatives to your diet, but they also have excellent benefits to nourish your skin and make it perfect without any filters. So pose for a picture without worrying about acne, pimples, blemishes, dryness, or other skin problems. Next time you eat these fruits, don’t forget that they are adding a little glow every day to your skin. 

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