The Ultimate Guide on Five things Not to Do on A First Date

Going on your first date? Almost all of us can be nerve-wracking when stepping out to see someone waiting to go on a date with us. 

It is well said that the first impression is the last, to some extent it’s true, but you should be aware of some things that you can do which will leave a long-lasting poor impression of yours on your date. 

So here we are to give you the best guide on the things you should not do on your first date to make it a success. 

1. Treating them like Anything 

Don’t forget about the manners on your first date, and even on every date, you go. Hold doors open for them, say please and thank you. 

Don’t forget to eat with your mouth closed and always be friendly and polite. It is mostly going to happen that your date will often judge you more on how you treat them.  

2. Skipping Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

So, how would you feel if your date smells like your sweaty socks and their mouth breathes like a tuna fish? Sounds romantic? 

The same way you won’t expect, don’t let them down and check on your personal hygiene. Take a good warm shower, brush and clean the teeth with mouthwash, wear charming clothes, wear an appealing perfume, and even carry it with you. 

3. Not Asking Questions 

Asking Questions

Think of your date talking themselves only and not even asking you a thing. Strange! So, you know what not to do when you are with them. Ask them about them all the time and tell them about yourself too. Make it a cute conversation; that’s how a date should be.

4. Comment on their Eating Choices 

A our only responsibility should be whether your date liked the food or not, or is it as per the expectation. Jumping beyond that could be risk-taking. 

Commenting on their appetite, why they are eating too little or too much should be beyond your abilities. You are not there to prejudice someone; you are on a date, so make sure you check on it. 

5. Being too Awkward or Confrontational 

Don’t show your awkwardness in the first place! That is more than any uncomfortably inflammatory. Having conversations with your date is good but make sure they are not going too serious. Always remember, it takes a whole lot of time to understand a stranger, and confronting anything will never go well in the first meet. 


By avoiding these big no-nos on your first date can help you to make it a success. Make sure you don’t miss a thing and make conversations real and true. Share this article to your friends who are about to go on their first date. Follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram to get updated about our amazing blogs. 

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