Six Worst things that can Worsen your Weight Loss during The Pandemic

Losing weight during the pandemic could break or make your weight loss journey. As all the gyms are closed for now, you can have a good check on your health during the extended period without any issues. But there are some worst things you can do to your fitness regardless of the hard work to look good during the pandemic break. Here are some top five listed worst things that can affect your weight loss during the covid pandemic.

1. Fad Diets 

Fad Diet food

Eating too much fad diet, including intermittent fasting for a longer period, can harm your body. There is no doubt that the keto diet is effective for your weight loss, but neglecting all food groups can reverse the weight loss with fad diets only. Don’t miss the nutrients and balanced diets in your fitness journey, or else you will end up making things worse in your weight loss.  

2. Starving or Skipping Meals 

Skipping meals 

If you are missing proper meals, you are missing the proper nutrients in your body. Your body needs to have proper and full of nutrient meals in a day. The process works like fuel to a car; when you fill the car’s tank with fuel, it runs faster; likewise, healthy meals are your body’s fuel. 

3. Too Intense Exercises

Intense Exercises

It is globally proven by science that it’s 80% of the diet and 20% of the exercise it takes to give you the body you are working hard for. It is never too good to have too much of something. 

Burning the fat is good, but exercising in excess can be a little too much for your body. You’ve got to mix in the right foods and avoid thinking that overexertion is helpful; it will ruin your fat loss journey only. 

4. Making Nothing Out of Time 

Covid-19 has given you enough time to work on yourself, so it should be your responsibility to utilize it in the right way. Procrastinating, lying on the couch all the time or constantly scrolling through social media would only get things worse for your body.

Take enough time to walk in the morning, plan out a diet schedule or have a good cardio session. Not only is it going to make you stay fit, but it also boosts immunity while strengthening your body. 

5. Depending on Scale Numbers

You would be making yourself tense by checking your weight or measuring your fatty parts with a measuring tape every day. 

It takes a lot of time and patience to get the measure you wish for. Determination and consistency is the key to get the best results, so if you haven’t started yet, when will you? 

Bottom line 

We are in a situation where compromising health is not the best choice. We are liable for our fitness and health concerns in this pandemic, so not only stay fit but go through these points and give your fitness journey a good direction. Share this to your fitness enthusiastic friends and family and see how it went. Follow us for more on FB, Twitter and Instagram

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