Six Mistakes you can make when Working From Home

It’s been more than a year that we are battling with the coronavirus, and during the period, many businesses have shut down while others are continuing with work from home. Some people have found their comfort through this, and some are still struggling to settle with their work pattern that is hampering their productivity. Here are the big six don’ts that you should look upon while you work from home

1. Working on Bed or Couch 

Working on Bed

While people working remotely are finding it comfortable in the warmth of their home. However, employees end up lying on their beds or couch and start working on their laptops. They don’t understand how harmful that can be for their physical and mental health. 

Your work may suffer as you may crouch and work, affecting your posture. To avoid this bad habit, rather invest in a simple desk and chair.

2. Corporate with Teammate

Lack of fluent communication can affect your remote working, making it much tiring. Employees may also feel neglected while working, Remotely increasing the chances of miscommunication.

Management should ensure good communication among the corporates via text messages, audio or video calls to know assignments, project statuses, work productivity, and resolving their problems.

3. Set a Boundary at Home  

There should be no distractions and disturbances while you work from home amidst your working hours. It is obvious to get distracted at home when other house members are present busy with their household works.

Make a to-do list and better set boundaries to maintain a work structure. Find a corner in the house with the least disturbance. 

4. Don’t Neglect Health

Don't Neglect Health

This becomes extremely necessary while working from home when you’re not indulged with little activities like walking in the corridor or walking to the cafeteria. You can feel frequent back pain, stress and headaches. 

Take your health as the priority regardless of the pressure from the workspace. A healthy body means more productivity and optimal work results. 

5. Don’t Wear Pyjamas While Working 

Productivity also counts the attire. What you wear is what reflects your work the most. Most productive and successful people always wear formals while working from home. 

Attaining formal wear before work will boost your work and the right environment to your working mood. The presentable appearance will give you office vibes so that you address your work more dedicatedly, according to the routine.


Following this work from home routine, you may attain your goals quickly and get more optimal with time. These “don’ts’ will also help you in your coming future to boost your productivity. Share this to your remote working friends and family members and follow carechef on FB, Twitter and Instagram to get more facts and unique content. 

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