Learn Finances from these Top 5 Hollywood Movies while you Curl on your Couch

If you are a Hollywood movie fan and willing to grow financial skills, you need to relax on your couch. 

Here are some five magnificent Hollywood movies full of action, drama and thriller, that will change your financial game by firing up your ambitious spirit with real life and fiction stories of money investors and business tycoons. 

Now you can chill and get thrilled at home with the most thrilling financial stories of how the people went from rag to riches. 

Crazy Rich Asians 

Crazy Rich Asians 

You will never get bored of the romantic-comedy genre of this movie, where a couple of Rachel and Nick find division in their personal relationships due to financial matters. 

This will make you learn how you manage the small to big financial matters in the personal relationships with your partner regardless of the riches. 



The Oscar winner movie, parasite in 2019 is the perfect portrayal of how division of the class and inequality have a thin, rough line between the wealthy and the poor. Characters shown on both wealth and poor sides are flawed, messy and complicated regardless of wealth. 

The Wolf of the Wall Street 

The Wolf of the Wall Street 

Wolf of the wall street is the ideal example of how greed can take over your honorable goals towards your dreams. Jordan Belfort has portrayed his story of how he crushes people to reach from middle class to a billionaire. 

At the end of the story, his greedy journey leads him to financial ruin and jail time because of the scams he executed.

The Gambling 

This movie teaches the gambling practices, how good they are until you reach its dark side. Gambling can be fun, but taking it too far can impose irreplaceable financial damage. 

The lead character John Goodman gives a financial lesson on saving money today will allow you more freedom in the afterlife. 

The Big Short 

The Big Short 

The market that left millions of American in the turmoil of 2008 can be an unwieldy topic, but “The Big Short ” makes it entertaining and showcases the series of events that led to the housing market crisis in the United States. 

The most important financial lesson you can take away from this movie is how the greedy, corrupt group of financial professionals can shatter the lives of millions of Americans throughout the country. 

Final Words 

These top five Hollywood finance movies will not only leave you to amaze but will also teach you big life lessons that money can never give throughout your life. Comment down your favourite finance movie and share this to your movie partner to get the best lessons on financial life. To learn more about us, follow carechef on Twitter, FB and Instagram.


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