How to Easily Clean your Phone at Home

Smartphones are gadgets that you can’t survive without today, so it is your responsibility to keep them clean and germ-free. Are you finding it hard to find the perfect thing that could clean your smartphone? Here is the list of some household items that can help you clean your smartphone with ease.

1. A soft cloth or microfiber cloth

These kinds of soft cleaning cloth may have come with your eyeglasses case, phone and other gadgets. Using a soft or microfiber cloth will remove oily fingerprints, smudges and more from both the screen and cellphone body, making the phone clearer and cleaner.

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2. Cotton swab

cotton swab

Say goodbye to the dust specs that reside on your phone with the help of cotton swabs. Microfiber cloths are great, but cotton swabs are a better option for removing the gunk and grime from tiny areas of your phone where the cloth can’t reach.

3. Water and rubbing alcohol

This could be a better alternative than clothes. Diluting 60% of water can do a good job of cleaning or disinfecting the most touched areas in your phone. Although concentrated rubbing alcohol could be harmful to the phone, Some people say that these products won’t noticeably hurt your phone when used in small amounts.

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4. Vinegar and distilled water

If you don’t want to take the water and alcohol route, you can try distilled water and white vinegar. It can also be effective for your regular phone cleaning routine.


Trying only these might not be the only solutions, but they could be the best alternatives when you are at home. Share this to your phone-addict friends and comment down on your best ways to clean up your phone. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get notified about the latest gadget articles.

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