Four ways to Clean your Closet

It becomes difficult to clean clutter when you are in a hurry to go to a meeting, and you can’t find your favourite trousers and blouse. Cleaning up your wardrobe can be a headache which is time taking. So if you are one of those who mess up with their wardrobe, here are the four ways to organize your wardrobe to make it cleaner and easier to use. 

1. Take It all Out

Clean your Closet
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The first step to take is to clean out your closet empty. Take out everything inside it, including clothes, hangers and shoes and drop it on your bed or floor. Don’t forget to clean out from shelves, bins and drawers also. 

From this point, you need to begin completely fresh. Frame it as you’ve never had clothes before and make the pile your shopping area.

2. Take a Bag 

The next step is to grab trash bags, a marker and some tape. Mark on the strip of a tape “trash on the first bag. take the second bag, stick a strip of tape on it and label on the bag “donate.”

Finally, grab a third bag for items you can sell to a consignment store, like on-trend or designer clothing items. 

3. Set a Rule 

Now that you have labelled all the bags marked with “trash, donate, repair and keep”, it’s time to store the clothes you are going to own, the pile of “keep and repair”. You can keep and repair piles on top of your dresser, a chair or somewhere separate from the rest of the clothes.

4. The Final Stage

Now that you are done with piling, labelling and keeping all the bags sorted, you need to put everything from the keep pile back in your closet.

For the rest of the pile bags, get the right contacts from consignment stores and take the non-wearable pile of clothes away from your closet. 

Taking these steps will prevent waste items from taking up space, and you will make your way to finally set your closet.   

Put the trash bag in your bin at the very moment. Take the charity bag to your local drop-off point right away. 


Here is how you can sort your wardrobe and make it cleaner than before to get things right on time. Share this with your friends and family who have messy wardrobes and take time to select their OOTD. Follow carechef on FB, Twitter, and Instagram to get notified of our latest and unique articles on lifestyles. 

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