Four tips to cool your room in summers without any A/C or cooler

Summer days can be fun but doesn’t seem pleasant when your room emits hot air like a burner. Summers can be bearable with the air conditioners and coolers, but in case you don’t own any cooling appliances, here are the best four “cool ways” to keep your room cool in summers without any A/C or cooler. Doesn’t matter if your budget is low; you can also enjoy the summer vibes with a pleasant room temperature by trying these tricks.

1. Ice water bottle

Ice water bottle

You can do many “cool” things with a “hot water bag that is resting somewhere in the winter closet of your home. Want to enjoy this summer? Pour water into the hot bag and freeze it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Take it out and use it to provide yourself cold comfort on a summer night.

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2. Cotton is the key

Consider Replacing all your polyester, satin or silk made bed sheets with cotton ones. Cotton absorbs less heat than polyester and other materials. That’s why you must give it a shot. Also, remember to choose a lighter shade as it will absorb less heat. You can also choose nightwear that’s breezy and comfy for making the hot nights cold.

3. Build ventilation for your room 

Rooms can get pretty hot and suffocating when there is too much stuff inside and no proper source of cross ventilation. In case your room does not have one, you can create your own. Place a fan across a door or a window to create a cross breeze created by the wind outside and the fan. You can also consider placing multiple fans in the room to create a super cool airflow.

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4. Water, the main source

shower bath

The classic old way, which is followed by many still, is to take a cold water shower at night. When it comes to beating the heat, nothing can beat a cool breezy shower. Also, you must stay hydrated all day long so that your body temperature stays stable and helps you feel less hot.


Among many ways, these were the best four picks for you to get yourself cold and beat the summer without any room cooling appliances. Share this with your friends and family and follow carechef on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more summer tips and facts.

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