Four Things to Carry Before Heading to a Party

Going out for a party tonight? Wait! Have you checked your purse, and what essential things you need to keep in it before heading to the party venue? 

You never know what sudden need you might feel at night, so here is the list of some essential things that are must-haves and you should carry in your bag before you step out for the party. 



You might have fixed an appointment with your hairdresser and tucked all your hair in the style but make sure you carry a hairbrush when you dance on the floor. 

The thrilling dance steps can kill your hairstyle. Tie up your hair with a band can help you to become carefree, especially when you start to sweat like anything. 

Wet Wipes 

Wet Wipes 

Your makeup can melt off on the dance floor while you dance harder because that will make you sweat like a pig. This is why you must carry wipes in your bag to make sure your face doesn’t look dull, oily or sweaty.



Not the entire makeup vanity, but carry some of the must-have makeup essentials in your bag like a compact blusher, mascara and lipstick that you have applied. This will ensure that you can give your face a teeny-tiny touch up when hours pass and your face becomes dull and oily. 



When you are done with a hard dance party, trust me, you are going to smell gross due to too much sweat all over your body. 

No one likes to smell bad, so make sure you carry a bag sized perfume bottle to keep smelling pleasant. But also ensure you don’t overdo it; it might suffocate the people surrounding you.


There are no more conditions to apply; just enjoy your party and give yourself a check before you head to the party venue with these must-have essentials to carry in your bag. Share this to your girlfriends and comment down what more things you carry in your bag before going to the party. Follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more self-care tips. 

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