Four things to Avoid Right After a Meal

A delicious and healthy meal can fill our stomach and body with good nutrition, but many things should be avoided after having your lunch or dinner. Those things can also tend to interrupt the digestive system and even impact the immune system too. Here are the four things you must avoid after having a meal.

1. Taking a bath after a meal

If you wish to take a cold or warm bath after having a meal, then you should stop this from now. Taking a shower or bath immediately after having a meal can interrupt your digestive system. When you take a bath, the blood flow in your body experiences an energizing effect, and when your stomach focuses on most blood flow for digestion purposes, it becomes the opposite. You should wait at least 30-40 minutes after a meal before taking a bath.

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2. Smoking

Smoking any time of the day is injurious to your health, especially when you smoke right after a meal, as it binds with the oxygen required indigestion that makes your body absorb more carcinogens. So be cautious when you smoke after having a meal; it can lead your body to make a home for cancer.

3. Drinking tea

The habit of drinking a sip of tea after having your meal prevents your body from absorbing iron from your food. This habit can also interfere with digestion as tea leaves are acidic, which hardens the protein content in your meal. So, you should at least wait for 30 minutes before and after a meal.

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4. Eating fruits

There are plenty of people who have the habit of eating fruits after a meal while it’s not a healthy idea at all. It may not let you digest the meal properly. It is best recommended to eat fruit on an empty stomach or to wait for an hour before or 2 hours after a meal to get the most nutrients from your fruits.


You should be very patient after having a meal and avoid these things to avoid indigestion and other health problems. Share this article with your friends and family to help them digest the meal properly by avoiding these things. Follow carechef on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more tips and facts on health.

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