Four Super Effective Exercises to get rid of Neck Pain

Neck pains could be dreadful sometimes when your muscles get injured or extremely stretched. Neck pain can occur due to wrong posture or watching your laptop, phone or even sitting in the wrong posture. Here are the four super-effective exercises for neck pain that you can try.

Neck pains

1.  Move the neck from side to side

  • Starting from the center, slowly move your head to the left side
  • Bring it back to the center
  • Move your head to your right side
  • Repeat the process at least three times. Make it slow and avoid jerking the neck

2. Rotate your head slowly Steps:

  • Sit straight on your chair and keep your back straight
  • Touch your chin to your collarbone
  • Slowly, roll your chin towards your shoulder
  • Lift your chin upwards to the ceiling
  • Touch your chin to the opposite shoulder
  • Slowly bring it back to the center
  • Keep in mind to do this exercise at a very slow pace.
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3. Message the pain point

  • Relax your shoulders and keep your spine straight
  • Slowly stretch your hands and rotate your head
  • Tuck your chin in and relax your neck muscles
  • Gently reach the throbbing point and massage it slowly
  • Avoid using a lot of pressure while massaging your neck. Be gentle.

4. Lookup

The simplest way to ease a stiff and painful neck is to slowly look up and down as much as possible. Make it a point to be gentle with your movements and don’t make any jerky movements.


These exercises may help you get rid of the dreadful neck pain but if you have already tried them all and the pain is still there, consult a doctor to see the problem. Share this with your friends and family to help them get rid of neck pain. Follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram to get more health tips and facts.

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