Four Reasons why you should Avoid Sleeping with your Earphones

If you are the one who usually avoids conversations with your earphones plugged in public places or love listening to music all day long and earphones are one of the things you can’t survive without? Yes, you are obsessed with your earphones, but if you also sleep with your earphones at night, here are the four reasons that tell me this act could be risky.

 Avoid Sleeping with your Earphones

1. Ear wax accumulation

If you plug earbuds that sit a little more deeply in your ear, you might encounter a build-up of earwax in your ears. The earbuds block the air circulation around your ear that causes the wax to be more easily pressed into your eardrum. If a lot of ear wax builds up over a period, it will get difficult to remove it without causing damage to your ears.

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2. Necrosis

If your earbuds are not made for your ear size or are unfit, they will exert pressure on the skin inside your ear canal. And, this way the skin will start to wear away, which could trigger necrosis (death of tissue).

3. Otitis externa

This is a condition that involves irritation to your ear canal. In the worst cases, the skin around your ear canal area will slowly wear out, which causes fluid to get into the ear. This condition will also result in pain in the outer ear. People who constantly wear headphones can trigger this condition. Beware when you wear your earphones when going to bed.

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4. Safety issues

If your earphones have music or any noise-canceling features, then you can face a safety risk by unhearing an alarm going off in the middle of the night. This can have disastrous results during emergencies, which can put you in high danger.

Bottom line

There is no harm when you are plugging earphones that fit your ears and make you fall asleep calmly, but wearing any unfit and uncomfortable earphones during the night could be more than just dangerous. Share this with your friends and tell them to get a pair of comfortable earphones. Follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more tips and facts on lifestyle.

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