Four Reasons why you should Avoid Scented Products

You might get allured by scented skincare products and makeup products, but little do you know that these scented products can do more harm than good. It’s always better to leave the “scent” things to perfumes only. The smell of skincare and makeup products might feel pleasant, but such products can harm your skin with their ingredients. Read these four reasons to avoid scented products.

1. Allergies

Most of the fragrances in the products are made synthetically. They are mostly petroleum-based and can be toxic to our skin and bodies. Fragrances in these products can cause skin problems, respiratory allergies, thyroid problems, and even skin cancer or neural damage.

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2. Hidden chemicals

Fragrances contain many toxic chemicals that are mostly hidden, as the law doesn’t require manufacturers to list every ingredient that goes into the fragrance. So instead of being listed on the label, many questionable and potentially harmful ingredients are omitted from the packaging. Instead, using the word fragrance on the label is enough to grab our attention.

3. Penetrate the skin easily

When you apply scented products, the chemicals don’t stay on top of your skin. The body tries to shield the skin by keeping the toxins out. However, a lot of chemicals enter your body through your nose, mouth, and skin. Over time this can build up and cause significant health issues in your body, which are unseen.

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4. When your body gets exposed to fragrance often

Women are exposed to fragrances more than they think. All of the dishwasher, detergent, and cleaning supplies are often used by women almost daily. All of these are loaded with harmful fragrances that contain chemicals. Thankfully every day, more brands are producing their products without artificial scents.


Fragrances feel good until they are intact in a perfume bottle. So be very cautious when you buy skincare or makeup products and protect your skin from such harmful fragrances. Share this with your friends and family to let them know about the harmful effects of using fragrant products, and follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more tips and facts on skincare.

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