Four Reasons to have a Good Amount of Breakfast that will help you Shed Calories

Weight loss seekers sometimes think of cutting calories in their morning diet and looking for light breakfast alternatives like having a cup of black coffee or even eating nothing at all. You might be surprised that doing such changes in your morning diet will not help in your weight loss and will also leave a negative impact by increasing your cravings. Here are four reasons that tell you why breakfast is important for weight loss.

1. Increase metabolism

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Your metabolism slows down due to night-long fasting, which slows your metabolism in the morning, resulting in a slow fat-burning process. So, it is essential to have something within an hour after getting up. A plate full of a healthy and nutritious meal can boost your metabolism and burn calories all day long. Eggs, smoothies, oats, fruits, upma, idli etc., are some healthy breakfast options.

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2. Reduce night cravings

Having a nutritious, fiber-rich and healthy breakfast also reduces the risk of nighttime cravings. People that avoid eating enough in the morning tend to crave carbs later in the day. A breakfast high in carbohydrates helps to manage your blood sugar level and helps reduce cravings later.

3. You will feel fuller all-day

Eating fiber and protein-rich breakfast in the morning keeps you fuller till your next meal in the afternoon. This helps your body reduce the craving for unhealthy and sugary food items. Unhealthy chewing is a common culprit that ruins your weight loss plan; when you skip breakfast, the chances of craving in the day increases, which could easily ruin all your efforts.

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4. Extra protein to your diet

Missing breakfast meals in the morning also means that you miss out on essential nutrients, including protein. If you are trying to shed kilos for a long time, it is crucial to eat a sufficient amount of protein in the day. Protein is the building block of life that repairs damaged cells and builds muscles. Breakfast gives you an extra dose of protein.


Now that you know the benefits of eating a wholesome breakfast meal to shed kilos, make sure you consume enough protein, fiber and healthy carbs in your diet. Share this with your friends trying to lose some kilos and follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more tips and facts on health.

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