Four Effective Ways to Fight your Fear of the Dark

Some people have insomnia that is unfortunate to get sleep, and some people suffer from sleep deprivation that they have less time to sleep. 

Still, some people suffer from the dark fear that makes them feel so uncomfortable and vulnerable at night. 

If you are one of them, the fear of shadows or creep faces might be distracting your mind from a peaceful sleep at night. Here is the guide for you about four ways you can fight your fear of the dark. 

1. Know Your Day Stress

Day Stress

If you take stress during the day, then it can lead to anxiety and panic at night. Most likely, children and adults will be afraid at night if they get stressed by something in real life. So keep a check on your mood all day, write down your moments of stress and the place and time they occur. 

Name the Fears you Have 

If you can, try to name your feelings when you get scared at night. If you feel comfortable doing so, Say out loud your emotions and Say, “I am scared,” or, “I am anxious,” or, “I have a fearful thought.” or whatever comes to your mind.

2. Talk to Yourself or Write Down 

Write Down 

You can calm yourself by speaking to yourself, which can help you regain control of your emotions. Encourage yourself by speaking up your name. Or, writing your fears down can help you move your fears away. 

Write down every fear in a diary or keep a regular journal to write about things you feel all day long, including your fears. Write in your journal before bed, and this may give relief to your brain and distract it from thinking of all the fears. 

3. Meditate 


Take some time out of your schedule to join your hands and pray to the universe. While praying, talk about your fears. Relieve the tension with breath in and breathe out exercise and blow out the stress and frightening thoughts you have in your mind.

4. Use a Night Light 

Night Light 

If you are too afraid of the dark, sleep with a little light on. Too much light disturbs your sleep, so turn on a night light with low luminous energy and throw dim light. With a very low dim light, you might get help to fight off the dark and have a peaceful sleep.


If your fears are heavier than your thoughts, try to talk to a doctor or a therapist to guide you in a better way. Share this to your friends and family and help them fight their dark fears. Follow carechef on FB, Twitter and Instagram. 

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