Five Ways to Resolve an Argument

Fights and arguments in a relationship are a part of it and don’t mean to end things at once, but sometimes it can make or break a relationship. When the arguments don’t come to an endpoint, they make the relationship more toxic and unhealthy. To resolve this, here are the five ways you can end an argument with your partner.

1. Listen 

listen to others

Listening is the first primary thing you should do in an argument. When you listen to what your partner is worried about or quarreling about, things will get much clearer. When you fight from both sides, cutting their point of view will lead to more misunderstandings and negativity. 

2. Focus on Big and Small Things 

When you focus on unnecessary things and make them a bigger deal than they look, it worsens the argument. Try to ignore that might come in the argument again and again. Some certain factors are non-negotiable, but many times, we lose in the wrong details. A little shift can be needed to create positive thinking.

3. Take a Break from the Argument  

When arguments are getting overheated, and you both are losing track of your sides, it can be wiser to let the heat of the argument die down. Let you and your partner take a break from the argument and cool it all down.  

4. Solve it or Lose it all 

Arguments should always aim to resolve the problems that are bringing conflicts, not to ruin the matter. When you think of the word “fight,” you often think it’s a competition where you or they try to be each other. 

This doesn’t work in a relationship. Things will always go wrong if you think this way. Discuss what behavior of them is taking things wrong and avoid making any assumptions unless you know the truth. 

5. Apologize When you Need to 


Apologies are powerful, and one should know when to apologize in the argument. Some people don’t blame their side, so don’t apologize even if they are wrong. 

Apologizing doesn’t indicate you are weak; it just says that you are ready to take responsibility and understand enough to feel sorry when you are wrong. 


Resolving arguments in a relationship is not always easy; there may be some non-negotiable points, but you need to keep calm and keep these points in mind to understand the situation better. Share this with your friend who might want a little relationship advice. Follow us on FB. Twitter and Instagram for more facts and tips on relationships. 

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