Five Ways to get Away from your Phone Addiction

Gadgets have made our lives easy and are an essential part of our day-to-day life. A day without smartphones and tablets feels like we have no purpose in our lives, but if you stick to your instagram or social media for longer hours than usual, it could also affect your lifestyle and health. That’s why we bring you the five most effective easy to get rid of your smartphone addiction that will help you improve your daily lifestyle and health.

1. Customize your Notifications

Customize your Notifications

Are you the one that keeps waiting for notifications to pop up on your phone’s screen? Notifications keep you engaged all the time, and that is why you need to turn off notifications on your social media. The fewer notifications pop up, the less likely you are to check your smartphone.

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2. Remove Useless Apps

If your phone is flooded with social media apps, then it’s time to clean them up. You can also consider removing apps like Facebook and Twitter if they are not essential on smartphones. This may not sound easy, but you can do without them.

3. Turn off your Phone Before Bedtime

Turn off your Phone

The idea should be very obvious, but still, many people are not practically doing it. Turn off your phone before going to sleep. It should be as simple as that. It will help you make sleep better and improve any health-related problems at night.

4. Apps that help you get rid of Addiction

Poison kills poison; that’s what some apps can do for you! Multiple apps help you limit your smartphone usage. You can download these apps from the play store or app store (IOS) and configure them as per customizations to keep your smartphone usage under check.

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5. Use old ways to keep Track of Time

Now that everything is packed within our smartphones, we even stick to it to only watch the time. BUt it stops nowhere but checking our social media and chatting to others that ruin our routine. So it is better to stick to old ways like checking the time on a wristwatch and setting a “real” alarm clock instead of setting the alarm on our smartphones.


Trying these ways can improve your lifestyle and push you to be more productive and active in your daily routine. It also helps to get rid of health problems. Share this to your friends and family and follow carechef on FB, Twitter and FB to get the latest updates on technology articles.

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