Five Ways to Control Emotions

You can often get angry, sad, anxious, or feel to burst out because of the over emotions you don’t control. When emotions are not under control and control you, it’s time to have a good analysis and try to get over them. 

Emotions come out naturally, but when they are out of our hands, the situation becomes crazy, and that may severely or acutely affect your life. Here are the five best ways by which you can handle your emotions.  

1. Let it Come Out 

Bottled-up emotions can mess with your personal and professional life if you do not let them come out of your mouth. Emotions have to be kicked out, so make sure you let them. If something is bothering your head, just verbalize it, and if you can’t, you can have a journal and a pen. Jotting down your emotions can cope up with your emotions. 

2. Count Till Ten 

Emotions don’t have any fixed time to come out. They can come to your mind anywhere without bothering your office, grocery store, cafe, or home. 

You can try counting therapy to fix it. When you are about to come out with something, immediately count to ten. 

This will give your mind enough time to analyze yourself, calm your nerves and see the possible positive and negative consequences.

3. Watch Out for the Overwhelming Moments 

Emotions can trigger overachievers. So, if you have the potential to take on too much, watch out! You must resist the temptation to be a superhero while handling things on your own. 

Instead, think of making smaller portions of large things BEFORE you get overwhelmed. It is vital to learn how to recognize and express your limits avoiding meltdowns.

4. Talk To Self 

Talk To Self 

Emotions are full of roller coasters; you won’t know when you were happy and when they took you downhill. 

It can take you to darker sides of life too and affect your mental health. Before it all makes a home in your mind, talk to yourself. Talking to yourself will help you see the situation clearly and come over the emotion before it takes over your mind.

5. Take Good care of Yourself

take care Yourself  

Emotions are the devil that can take over you anytime during any event of life. To overcome this, make sure you take care of yourself more, eat healthily, take a 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and exercise daily. Not only will these activities engage your brain, but they also fulfill the emotions with positive thoughts. 


Emotions can easily control your body and mind if you don’t control them in time. You can experience emotional breakdown many times in your life, so try to consider these points to be happier and full of optimism. Share with your friends and family to help with their mental health. Follow carechef in FB. Twitter and FB to get more amazing articles. 

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