Five ways of Taking a Shower that tells we have been doing it in a Wrong Way

Undoubtedly, taking a shower or a bath is a daily life routine, but have you ever noticed anything wrong that you have been doing while taking a bath? Well, if you haven’t, here are the five effective ways to take a bath or shower that will prove that you were taking a bath in the wrong way. 

Don’t Keep it Warm

warm bath

Taking a warm shower feels like you’re in heaven, but here’s what it does to you. Taking a shower with hot water dries out all the skin’s moisture by removing the natural oil out of your body. 

This can affect the health of the skin. So, If you are not a big fan of cool water, take a maximum of 2 minutes of a hot shower and turn it into lukewarm to preserve the natural body oil.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Under Water 

Taking a Shower

A shower of five to ten minutes is enough for a day. Taking more time under a shower can extremely dry out the skin, making its texture harsh. Even if you take a shower twice a day, that can also be harmful to your skin. Five to ten minutes of the shower a day is more than enough. 

Repeating Lather and Rinsing is Not for All

It is okay to wash your hair twice or thrice with shampoo if your hair is thick in texture, and if not, consider cleansing your thin hair only once. This will ensure a good quality wash of your hair, keeping it healthy. After rinsing out the shampoo, slap a conditioner on the end roots of your hair and rinse with a hot shower to infiltrate the conditioner deep in your hair. 

Not washing your loofah after a bath is good for bacteria 

If you are guilty of hanging the loofah on the hook after using it in a shower, you are making a home for bacterias. Make sure you wash your loofah or washcloth every time after using them to avoid bacterial proliferation. 

Cleanse Where it’s Necessary 

Simply put, cleanse out the area of your body where there are more sweat glands like armpits, groins, buttocks, and under the breast. Overdoing the cleansing all over your body can rinse off the essential oils necessary to keep skin moisturised. 


So that’s how you will succeed in taking a bath in the right way every day. These were some of the bathing ways that will change your shower game. Comment down your favourite way of taking a shower and share this with your friends and family to tell them the right ways of taking a good shower. Follow us on FB, Twitter and instagram for more tips and facts about lifestyle. 

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