Five Vastu Shastra Tips to Bring Positive Energy to the Bedroom

A bedroom is where most of us want to have a peaceful moment after a tough and long day. And, to make your bedroom a place to relax and relieve stress, you need to feel the cosmic energy in that place.

Vastu shastra can help you achieve mindful energy by improving the living conditions and promote harmony with Correct directions, wall colors and positions etc.

wall colors

Here are the five Vastu Shastra tips to improve your bedroom energy and make it more relaxing and filled with a positive aura.

1. Direction for master Bedroom

According to the vastu shastra guides, the ideal direction to set up a master bedroom is the South-West corner of the home. However, you should never build the master bedroom in the North-East direction as it’s ideal for the pooja room only. Similarly, the South-East is not recommended since it is governed by “Agni,” which could lead to quarrels and misunderstandings between couples.

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2. Bed Placement

You should never place the bed exactly opposite the door. The best direction to sleep with your head is towards the South or the East direction. This will ensure sound sleep and long life. Also, you should make sure the shape of your bed is regular. Any irregular-shaped beds can be disturbing to your sleep.

3. Wardrobe and Almirahs

Vastu for bedroom tells that you should place heavy objects like cupboards and almirahs in the South, South-West or West direction. Your safes should be placed in the South wall, and make sure it opens towards the North. These directions will prove to be very auspicious. Also, place wardrobes in the northwest direction as it is second in line. These directions increase the flow of positive energy in a room.
Avoid placing mirrors on the doors of a wardrobe or almirah as it may reflect negative energy.

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4. Electronics in Bedroom

Electronics in Bedroom

The best direction to place electronics like television and appliances is out of the bedroom because these tend to send out disturbing energies that can affect your sleep. But, if you cannot live without a TV in your room, make sure that they occupy the South-East direction.


These four tips are the major guidelines by vastu shastra to fill your bedroom with positivity and energize the ambiance with cosmic energies. Share these vastu shastra tips with your loved ones and follow carechef on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more tips and facts on astrology.

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