Five Trending Jeans Styles that a Jeans Lover should know

Are you a big fan of all types of jeans? Or do you count yourself as a jeans lover? Jeans are cool, and they go with every type of tshirt, shirt, blouse and top. They could be styled from formal to bohemian to chic. You can find almost plenty of jeans varieties out there, from flare, skinny, ankle-length and more. But here are the five new types of jeans styles that you must try in 2021 to give your wardrobe a new look.

1. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of these jeans is to wear them with boots. The little flare on these jeans on the bottoms makes it easy to wear over the boots. This pair of bottoms work well for girls with tall height, as it elongates their figure.

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2. Boyfriend jeans

If you’re a fan of casual, cool-looking and comfortable jeans, then boyfriend jeans are the one for you. They are loose-fitting pants, which are more relaxed than other fitting jeans. Try boyfriend jeans for a casual look, fold over the hem and style it with a pair of sneakers.

3. Flared jeans

The flared jeans style of trousers are wider from the knees, which form a bell-like shape, and that’s why also known as bell-bottom jeans. These jeans are comfortable to wear and also add a statement to the look. The flared jeans can be worn with a fitted top and look best with heels.

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4. Jogger jeans

Joggers are casual pants specifically made to wear during exercise and come with an elastic waistband and an elastic hem. The jogger’s style made with a denim material has been called joggers jeans that are casual and look cool, making it casual and comfortable to wear.

5. Ripped jeans

Love to flaunt your skin? Do it with ripped jeans. This style copies the look of torn jeans. You can also turn your ordinary jeans into ripped jeans. You just need any old pair of jeans, a blade and a needle; then, you can use a blade to rip them up further.

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The above five styles of jeans can completely change your style statement and make it into something new every time you try these jeans with various tops. Share this with your jeans lover friends and follow carechef on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more tips and facts on fashion.

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