Five Top Reasons why you Should Not Share Your Makeup

Girls are obsessed with makeup, and it is a great form of beauty that enhances one’s features in different ways. Though, if you love makeup and share your products with your friends to experiment with new looks with them, here are the five warning signs for you that tell you to avoid sharing your makeup with everyone, not even with your best friends!

1. Eye infection

Eye infection

The eyes rank first when the sharing makeup things first trigger you! If you have always been a good friend to your buddies and share your mascara, liner, eye curler or any eyeshadow with them, beware, it can infect your sensitive eyes with conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eyes which is extremely contagious.

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2. Herpes

Herpes spares no one when it comes to sharing. And if you are guilty of sharing makeup with your best friends, this is high time you tell them to use their own. It may be rude to tell them like this but, herpes labialis infection would lie heavy on you if you don’t stop sharing your makeup.

3. Dirty brushes

Dirty brushes and other makeup tools can carry bacteria from one person to another, so better avoid this. Also, keeping brushes moist and dark make a home for germs and bacteria. Always keep the makeup tools in a dry place and clean them after 2-3 times of use.

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4. Bacteria from makeup bag

Makeup Bag

Makeup bags could be a home for germs and bacteria that can be the reason for an infection. So before you share your makeup with your friend, make sure you clean your makeup bag and tools also. A dirty bag could be a reason for hazardous health threats like cancer, respiratory illness, and even congenital disabilities.

5. Using old makeup

Every makeup product has its limited lifespan, but if you are guilty of overusing it, this will not be the best thing in the future, as the old makeup can be germ-infested, threatening your life later.


We know you have been so kind and nice to your friends to share your makeup with, but if it means life-threatening, you would never do this again or would you? Share this with your makeup buddies, warn them about sharing danger with their makeup, and follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram for more health tips and facts.

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