Five Reasons why Men Need to Shave Every Day

Many men hate it for no reason, or the only reason behind it could be that they don’t look manly anymore, but there are many science-proven reasons why shaving daily could be an excellent practice for your skin. With the right way, tools, and products, Shaving could be a silver lining to your beardedness, making it a routine to do wonders. Here are the five reasons men should adhere to and come in a regular shaving routine. 

1. Acts as an Exfoliator 

Not only the razor removes your hair from the skin, but it also removes the dead skin layer, which is the topmost skin layer. Making it a proper and regular routine can make you feel more energised, rejuvenating and fresher than ever. Also, with the after shaving cooling effect, you can make it pure bliss. 

2. Healthy Skin 

Healthy Skin 

Not only Shaving removes the dead skin layer and exfoliates it, but it’s also a worthwhile process as a soft messenger, allowing the skin to heal from deep within. 

Studies also show that Shaving regularly produces melanin in the right amount, protecting your skin from the sun. 

Shaving regularly is also miraculous if you have oily skin, reducing the chances of acne that break out of your skin.  

3. Younger Skin 

Young Skin

Regular Shaving produces a replenished and rejuvenated sensation on the skin of your face at a much faster rate. The factors that contribute to dead skin removal, exfoliation, and production of keratin and melanin make the skin look younger. Moreover, you can add products like shaving cream or gel, and the pre-shave oils and balm helps the skin restore the pH level. 

4. More Productivity   

This may sound silly, but independent studies show that people who shave in the morning before heading to their work have a greater framework and ideas to add to their PODs. So be ready to shave your face every morning so that you get better ideas and time to organise things a lot better than your regular beard days. 

5. Prepare your Skin to Grow More Beard 

You may ask any expert hairstylist or a grooming expert; their first suggestion before you grow a more groomed beard would be to shave your face correctly. 

This makes a clean ground for hair to grow evenly. Also, if you are going to use any beard products, be it a beard oil or a cream, it should be used on the clean surface first to let the oil minerals and vitamins from products penetrate the skin, making it supple and ready for good beard growth.


There are plenty of reasons why Shaving regularly can give you tremendous benefits to your skin as well as your pocket. You don’t have to buy any grooming kit for your beard, at least. Share this with your friends and family to let them also get the shaving benefits. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get more grooming tips and amazing facts.  

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