Five Immunity Booster Juices to Fight from Coronavirus

Everyone knows that maintaining social distance, staying away from the sick and regularly washing our hands are some of the primary precautions that could help fight the noble coronavirus. This pandemic let’s fight the noble virus and all other pathogens with top five immunity booster drinks and juices made with veggies and ingredients that are easily found in our kitchen wardrobes. 

1. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

Being one of the tastiest, watermelon now, can protect you from covid by boosting your immunity. Not only will it boost your immune system but also is very effective for muscle soreness. 

Muscle soreness nowadays could be counted in adults and could be found suspicious as one of the covid symptoms. Watermelon juice is delicious as well as relieves from muscle soreness.

2. Aloe Vera 

Stops acid Reflux 

Aloe vera gel rich in multiple minerals and vitamins like A, E and C, it’s juice is found to boost the immunity system. Drinking aloe vera juice two to four ounces daily can help you  give your immune system the boost it needs as it draws the energy around the clock with the immunity system of the body. 

3. Lemonade/ Lemon Water 

Lemon water 

As the key ingredient to boost immunity is vitamin C, lemon water juice makes a great choice. Enriched with citric acid, lemon water is crucial to intake sufficient amounts of vitamin C in the body. Also, vitamin C induces white blood cell production and works as a powerful antioxidant protecting the organs from pathogenic diseases.

4. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice  

The veggie that includes almost in our daily dishes at home, tomato is rich in vitamin C and is very hydrating. Tomato juice can be easily made at home which is a healthy choice to drink in the daily diet. Also, Tomato juice is rich in folate which stimulates the power cells in the body for more production and fights pathogens. 

5. Celery Juice 

Celery Juice

Celery is rich in vitamin A, C and E which makes it a great choice to include in our daily diet. Enriched with folic acid and sodium, celery juice is very hydrating for the organs that helps the body to boost the immune system. 

Entering the body via food pipe, celery juice can kill the germs, bacteria and viruses in the body protecting it from diseases and infections.  


These five homemade juices can do wonders for your body and strengthen the immunity system to fight with severe diseases and infections. Including them in daily diet can keep the coronavirus at bay. Share this article with your friends and family for the sake of their health and comment down your favourite juice. Follow carechef on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more amazing facts and tips. 

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