Five Fruits to Boost your Immune system and Protect the body from Coronavirus

As the cases are elevating daily, health is becoming more and more important as the days are passing by. Taking your health as a priority could not be less than any practice to make your lifestyle healthy. Your gut and immune system are the most important to relieve you from any disease and infections. And these days, it has become of utmost importance. Here are five fruits that can help boost your immunity system and keep your body protected from pathogenic disease. 



As a rich source of vitamin C, oranges can be an all-year good fruit to boost your immunity. Vitamin -C is said to produce more collagen in your body, prevent cell damage, and lower stress hormone level cortisol to better fight pathogens. Make oranges a regular part of your diet which will gradually increase your immune power. 



Like oranges, grapefruits are also rich in vitamin -A and have significant amounts of fiber and vitamin- A, supporting the immunity system and strengthening the eyesight. They are high in water content and a great source of hydration to keep your gut well.



The antihistamine-rich fruit blueberries can be a great choice to reduce inflammation and minimize cold symptoms. They are a pack of rich antioxidants, including flavonoids which could tremendously help to boost general health. 



Truly said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away as apples have a high content of fiber and quercetin, a plant pigment flavonoid that helps boost the immune system and reduce inflammation of the body.



Pears can boost collagen production and protect the immune from disease with its fiber, potassium, and vitamin -C amount packed in it. Also, it contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids in its peels, so make sure you use it as a whole to grab all the immunity-boosting nutrients. 


Have these fruits regularly to check your immune system and keep away cough, flu, cold from your body. They are the guardians of your body to protect you from harmful pathogen diseases and infections. Share this with your friends and family to keep a check on their health too. Follow us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter for more amazing and unique blogs. 

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