Five Fruits That Can Help you With Constipation

People suffering from constipation are often under stress and feel irritated all the time. Constipation is when the bowel movement is not smooth, or one feels it difficult to empty the stomach. Here are the five summer fruits beneficial in constipation and help you relieve from difficult bowel movements.  



Apples are one of the healing foods for our body that is loaded with pectin fibre with an amphoteric action. Surprisingly, it can relieve both constipation and diarrhoea, depending on the body’s condition and needs.  



Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and fibres that help increase the bulk in your stool. They are also a well-known source of naringenin, a flavonoid that can work as a laxative. Eat Them as snacks or mix them into salads. Also, orange juice contains a good dose of fibre. So, it could be best to eat them raw or juiced. 



Raspberries are estimated to contain 8 grams of fibre in one cup, which is good news to your bowel. Eating mulberries can strengthen the digestive tract and help to ease bloating and constipation. Berries are both delicious and nutritious so consider eating them raw or pour them on top of your cereals. 



Bananas have high-fibre content that may work wonders to soothe the effects of constipation. They can help you push out the excrete better by making stools easier to pass by the digestive tract. 



Figs are seasonal fruits that you must have when they are available. Figs are an amazing source of fibre vital for maintaining a healthy digestive system and keeping bowel movement easy.


Including these fruits in your daily diet can improve your digestive system and help you soothe the bowel movement to get rid of constipation. Share this to your friends and family who are suffering from such digestive problems. Follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram to get updated about our latest articles. 

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