Five Essential Things you Must Carry when Travelling Alone

Travelling makes a person a free soul; for them, it’s more than just from one destination to another. A person with a travelling soul knows about every destination and culture, but what if he is travelling alone?

Destinations and cultures sound alluring, but you also should be alert to reality. What will be the essential things that you will carry when you take off for your first trip? Here are some essential things that will complete your checklist for your first solo trip.

1. Medical kit


A customized medical kit will always be needed in the time of help; You must stay ready for any emergency with a stock of painkillers, cold and flu pills, digestive pills, bandages, tampons, sanitary napkins and more.

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2. Travelling insurance

Mishaps don’t knock on your door before occurring, so it is always best to buy travel insurance before you take off for your trip to keep you secure throughout.

3. Rope


A rope will help you in various ways during your trip. It could help you strap tools and items to your backpack or clothing to carry more things and keep your hands free. Ropes could also be used as an arm sling in case of arm injuries.

4. Padlocks


Travel Insurance will surely secure you in the time of need, but what about securing your luggage? Here is the solution, buy a good quality padlock to secure your luggage as they are small in size, fit the zip space well and are quite durable. Securing the luggage and all the other essential things you have carried with you are important to protect yourself.

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5. Torch

Carrying a torch will always help you navigate through dark areas while trekking or low light streets in a city, which is important when there’s nobody to trek or walk with you; after all, it’s your solo trip, you need to be safe.


Trips could be fun, but only when you make it secure by taking care of everything. Share this article with your traveler buddies and comment down on what was your first solo trip experience. Follow carechef on instagram, FB and Twitter for more tips and facts on travelling.

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