Five Best Low Maintenance Pet to give you Company

With the growing period, you might feel a little alone when no friend is around you whenever you need company. Time could be tough sometimes, and being alone could be one of the worst feelings one undergoes. Here are the best five pets that are low maintenance and could accompany you well all day long.

1. Budgerigar


A budgerigar, or for short, a budgie, is a little bird that ranks the most popular pet animal after dogs and cats. They also rank high among low-maintenance bird pets because of their size and well captivity. These little affectionate birds are inexpensive to buy and are available in all pet stores. The cool thing about them is, they can mimic human speech when trained properly.

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2. Hamsters


Hamsters are the cutest rodent pets you can pick for yourself. They are like fur balls that fit entirely in your hand and are fun-loving, active pets. They come in several breeds and colors. Some of the most common variants are Chinese Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters. These rodents are mostly nocturnal and can also keep you company if you’re up late at night working.

3. Goldfishes


Goldfish are the most popular fish among aquarium lovers. These low-maintenance aquarium pets are inexpensive and readily available in all pet stores. There are hundreds of different varieties from the smaller species (fancy goldfish) raised in a fishbowl.

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4. Cats

Although cats do not bond with all humans as dogs do, they are nonetheless just as loved by everybody. They are entertaining with their goofy antics that are sure to make everyone laugh. Their purrs and meows are oddly relaxing, which make even the saddest day more fun with you.


Whether the pets are low maintenance or not, all pets need care and attention when you are around or not. Share this article with your pet-loving friends and family and follow carechef on FB, instagram and Twitter, to get the latest pet care articles.

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