Five Benefits of doing Stretching Every Day

Body stretching could look boring at the start, but indulging your body in it gives your body multiple health benefits. You might not be doing the stretching routine every day and skip it after exercising. Here are the five beneficial reasons why stretching is important every day.


1. Stretching improves posture

Stretching strengthens the muscles in your back and shoulders and makes it easier for you to stand upright, improving your posture. With improved posture, you will experience reduced pain in your back and neck. Perform stretches that include your shoulders, chest, and lower back, as these all affect your spine alignment to focus on posture improvement.

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2. Improve range of motion

As we grow older, our joints lose range of motion, which can be counteracted by regularly stretching. If the range of motion in some joints is limited, stretching can help to improve it.

3. Reduce back pain

This somewhat depends on posture. If we have poor posture in the upper back, the lower back can develop pain. Also, if we have tight hamstrings or hip flexors, the lower back can develop pain. Stretching the leg muscles and the muscles mentioned for posture will likely help you decrease back pain.

4. Prevent injury

If you stretch a muscle too far, it can become strained or torn. If you stretch and increase the range in which a muscle can move, it will help to decrease the injury. Stretching before exercise specifically helps prevent injury by bringing blood flow to the muscles, warming them up, and decreasing tightness.

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5. Helps to increase stamina

Stretching your muscles every day helps them grow stronger for longer. By Indulging your body in a regular stretching routine, you can improve your muscle stamina by making physical exercising more comfortable and by lengthening the duration of your strength. Stretching before a workout can help your muscles power through your workout at a more intense level.


Stretching is important for building muscles strong and making the body healthy with an everyday stretching routine. Share this article to your fitness freak friends to show them the importance of stretching before and after a workout. Follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more facts and tips on fitness.

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