How to Easily Clean your Phone at Home

Smartphones are gadgets that you can’t survive without today, so it is your responsibility to keep them clean and germ-free. Are you finding it hard to find the perfect thing that could clean your smartphone? Here is the list of some household items that can help you clean your smartphone …

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Five Ways to get Away from your Phone Addiction

Phone Addiction

Gadgets have made our lives easy and are an essential part of our day-to-day life. A day without smartphones and tablets feels like we have no purpose in our lives, but if you stick to your instagram or social media for longer hours than usual, it could also affect your …

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5 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Phone’s Battery

Phone’s Battery

Are you concerned about why your smartphone battery drains faster and needs more charging in a day? You might be negligible and make some mistakes that can worsen the condition of your battery health. You can make the five most common mistakes with your smartphones that can drastically degrade your …

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10 Tips to Kickstart your YouTube Channel this Pandemic

YouTube Channel

The globe has almost shifted to the digital era in recent decades, and Pandemic has helped people push a little further to become digital creators on social media platforms. This made YouTube ignite creativity in People’s hearts and come up with innovative channels. If you are thinking of creating a …

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Top 8 Best Smartphones to Buy in 2021

smart phone

With the growing numbers of smartphones in India, It becomes challenging to choose the perfect smartphone that is up to your mark and has all the specifications you wish with a pocket-friendly deal. Looking for hardware and software balancing smartphones with additional features can be a bit of a tedious …

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