Five Ways to Resolve an Argument


Fights and arguments in a relationship are a part of it and don’t mean to end things at once, but sometimes it can make or break a relationship. When the arguments don’t come to an endpoint, they make the relationship more toxic and unhealthy. To resolve this, here are the …

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Five Ways to Control Emotions

Control Emotions

You can often get angry, sad, anxious, or feel to burst out because of the over emotions you don’t control. When emotions are not under control and control you, it’s time to have a good analysis and try to get over them.  Emotions come out naturally, but when they are …

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Five Crazy Things You Do that are Good


Waking up early, exercising, eating healthy, and having a good sleeping habit are good for you but some of us are still not used to routines yet.  Apart from good habits, we all possess some odd traits that we normalize when alone but feel shameful in front of others.  Though, …

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Five Epic Reasons why Relationships Fail

broken Relationships

Love, at first sight, is easy but love till last breath might be difficult for many of us. Why? Have you ever wondered why it looks so exciting at first few days, months, or even years but then things start to fall into pieces?  Everybody is imperfect; everyone can’t be …

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Six Things this covid-19 Pandemic has Taught Us

Pandemic has Taught Us

You must have never thought of the scenario the globe is suffering with now. Never thought of wearing surgical masks, avoiding going out in public places, or distancing with people, even from our nears and dears. The pandemic breakout had already taught us a lot in 2020, and we are …

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6 Ways to Deal with a Short-Tempered Person

Short-Tempered Person

You may have seen people quarreling around, making the situation worse when they can’t keep calm.  Human nature can’t be prejudiced but only can be comprehended when you deal with that person.  If you have a partner or a person in your life whom you find it difficult to talk …

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