Five Things To Do When You Feel Stressed by Your Workload


Now that everyone has relocated their offices at home due to the covid-19 scenario, the overloading work has started to feel more stressful and time consuming. During the busy schedule, you may find yourself in an overwhelmed state and feel exhausted at last. Here are the five things you can …

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Reasons that tells you about Napping Pros and Cons

Benefits of an Afternoon Napping

Sleeping for sufficient hours (6-8hrs) at night ensures a good sleep cycle in our daily routine, but sometimes it could be hectic when we have to stay awake for late-night works and projects. So it could disturb the sleeping cycle, but sleeping during the daytime could be doubtful still; if …

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Wish to Pet a Dog at Home? Here are Five Things you Must be Sure

Wish to Pet a Dog at Home?

Believe it or not but everyone in their lives wishes to pet a dog as their furry friend that brings joy. The brave, innocent, yet the most loyal pet, a dog, could be a lovely friend to you but taking their responsibility is a tougher task than you think. Here …

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Four Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes may have looked cool with friends at an early age, but when you realize it has indulged in your daily routine, you could be exposed to many heart or respiratory diseases. So, if you plan to start a new life by quitting smoking, it is nothing better than …

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Four Reasons you must Face Wash before Going to Bed

After waking up from our beds, the first thing we do is to wash our face for a refreshing start of the morning and remove excess oil and dirt that accumulates at night. But have you been skipping face wash at night? You might not forget to brush your teeth …

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Mistakes to avoid while brushing your teeth

brushing your teeth

You wake up daily, go to the washroom, wash your face and brush your teeth, but have you ever noticed any mistakes during brushing your teeth? You might be surprised that there are many factors associated with brushing teeth, from brush type, direction, size to choosing the right brush that …

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Four tips to cool your room in summers without any A/C or cooler

room in summers

Summer days can be fun but doesn’t seem pleasant when your room emits hot air like a burner. Summers can be bearable with the air conditioners and coolers, but in case you don’t own any cooling appliances, here are the best four “cool ways” to keep your room cool in …

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Four Effective ways to make your Skin look Younger by Reducing Wrinkles at Home


Do you also wish for flawless and beautiful skin but want to eliminate wrinkles on your face? Many reasons can affect your skin texture for a long time, like smoking, an unhealthy diet, sun exposure, harsh soaps, etc., which promotes skin aging. Here are the five effective home remedies to …

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