Four Reasons why you should Avoid Scented Products

You might get allured by scented skincare products and makeup products, but little do you know that these scented products can do more harm than good. It’s always better to leave the “scent” things to perfumes only. The smell of skincare and makeup products might feel pleasant, but such products …

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4 Myths about Wearing Masks

Face Mask

Due to covid-19, wearing masks has become mandatory in this unprecedented time and is the new normal for people now. With a wide range from style, material, design and purpose, masks come in different variants, but some myths revolve around people wearing masks these days. So let’s debunk these four …

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Four Super Effective Exercises to get rid of Neck Pain

Neck pains

Neck pains could be dreadful sometimes when your muscles get injured or extremely stretched. Neck pain can occur due to wrong posture or watching your laptop, phone or even sitting in the wrong posture. Here are the four super-effective exercises for neck pain that you can try.

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Five Reasons to Eat Soaked Almonds Every Morning

Your elders might have always told you to eat soaked almonds to sharpen your brain as it’s loaded with several minerals and vitamins. Little you might know that there are several benefits of eating soaked almonds every morning other than sharpening your brain. Here are the five benefits of eating …

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Top Five Benefits of Chia Seeds you won’t Resist

You must have seen chia seed food items in the menu card of a restaurant or the superstore. They are versatile seeds that originate from Central America and are used in multi-cuisines. Be it a delicious pudding, oatmeal, smoothie or even toasted bread; chia seeds fit everywhere. Here are the …

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Five Benefits of doing Stretching Every Day


Body stretching could look boring at the start, but indulging your body in it gives your body multiple health benefits. You might not be doing the stretching routine every day and skip it after exercising. Here are the five beneficial reasons why stretching is important every day.

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Four Reasons why you should Avoid Sleeping with your Earphones

Avoid Sleeping with your Earphones

If you are the one who usually avoids conversations with your earphones plugged in public places or love listening to music all day long and earphones are one of the things you can’t survive without? Yes, you are obsessed with your earphones, but if you also sleep with your earphones …

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Try these Ways to Change into a Healthy Dental Routine

Tooth brush

Dentist clinics have never been a good trip, but the results that they give are worth smiling at! Though, it’s not necessary to always keep going with your unhealthy dental routine and heading to the dentist clinic. It’s better to adapt a healthy dental routine to avoid any painful dental …

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Four Oils that Relieve you from Muscle Soreness and Pain

Vetiver oil

If you are a fitness lover or have a habit of running all day long, you must have experienced muscle soreness or pain after a while. It could later become more painful, and quick fixes like pain relief spray or creams could be good for a temporary period. What could …

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Five Benefits that Cucumber gives you

Better skin texture

If you are not a salad fan and don’t like to include cucumber in your diet, you might miss out on many nutritional and health benefits that a cucumber offers. Not just cucumbers give refreshment, but there are numerous health benefits that they can offer you as a juice, in …

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