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Five Ways to Lose Weight during the Pandemic

lose weight in corona

There’s no rocket science in losing weight, but it is understandable if it has become challenging in this pandemic. Sitting and working in one place for long hours promotes fat gain with no muscle movement. If you find it difficult to lose weight due to work from home hours, here …

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Six Worst things that can Worsen your Weight Loss during The Pandemic


Losing weight during the pandemic could break or make your weight loss journey. As all the gyms are closed for now, you can have a good check on your health during the extended period without any issues. But there are some worst things you can do to your fitness regardless …

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5 Post-Workout Drinks to keep you Moving All-Day

workout drinks

You might feel exhausted after an extensive workout; when you are done with your workout routine, you must include recovering exercises that relax body muscles and the ultimate drinks to help the recovery process faster. Not only can post-workout drinks be refreshing, but they also keep you moving all day …

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8 Dangerous Effects of Drinking Water while Standing

Drinking Water while Standing

Do you also get annoyed while your elders ask you to sit and gulp the water in your glass? Though it is just the right thing, they say for your good health.  No matter if you have more than eight glasses a day to hydrate your body, the position you …

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These 9 Fruits can make your Skin from Faded to Flawless

Skin Care

No need to spend hundreds to thousands of bucks on those expensive skin care products that don’t work every time. Mother nature has gifted humans many things that are still underrated for their benefits.  Some of the fruits have lean proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that not only make you …

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