Four ways to Clean your Closet

Clean your Closet

It becomes difficult to clean clutter when you are in a hurry to go to a meeting, and you can’t find your favourite trousers and blouse. Cleaning up your wardrobe can be a headache which is time taking. So if you are one of those who mess up with their …

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Five Reasons why Men Need to Shave Every Day

Shave Every Day

Many men hate it for no reason, or the only reason behind it could be that they don’t look manly anymore, but there are many science-proven reasons why shaving daily could be an excellent practice for your skin. With the right way, tools, and products, Shaving could be a silver …

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Get Rid of the Chapped Lips with these Six Best Ways

Chapped Lips

Dryness, crankiness, or cheapness on your lips can make it uncomfortable and painful sometimes. A face looks charming with soft lips, but chapped lips can lower your charm. Lips skin is the thinnest skin of your body and is adversely affected by sun heat or dryness in the air. To …

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5 Cool Ways to wear a Basic T-shirt

Style t shirt

You just need to look around, and you will find most of the crowd wearing t-shirts casually pairing up with jeans that you might be tired of.  If you are part of the crowd and want to think out of the group wearing basic t-shirts daily in a casual way, …

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5 Ways to Naturally Longer your Lashes

Long Lash

Are you tired of sticking false lashes with glue on your eyes or applying mascara to flaunt the beauty of your eyes?  Of course, you are here to search for the natural ways to grow your eyelashes because you would someday wish you had naturally long lashes like your sister …

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5 Most Fascinating Benefits of Thrifting


Have you hopped in a flea market in Delhi like Sarojani Nagar market or Linking Road Market in Bandra (Mumbai)?  Many thrift stores are trending nowadays offline or on instagram, fascinating you with fancy crop tops or boyfriend jeans but have you ever wondered how thrifting is affecting the whole …

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