Three Myths about Shaving your Body


Don’t worry if you are also one of those girls who get late and shave their faces instead of waxing. Many myths revolve around shaving your facial hair, but what is the truth? Here are the three biggest myths of shaving your facial hair that we are going to debunk.

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Four Reasons to Cut your Hair Short

If your thoughts are stuck between your hair short or not, then this article is just for you. Long hair has its beauty, but short hair, on the other hand, could be beneficial and beautiful in many ways that can express your personality. Here are the four reasons you should …

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Five Top Reasons why you Should Not Share Your Makeup


Girls are obsessed with makeup, and it is a great form of beauty that enhances one’s features in different ways. Though, if you love makeup and share your products with your friends to experiment with new looks with them, here are the five warning signs for you that tell you …

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5 Ways to become more Photogenic

1. Practice in front of the mirror

In this world full of photogenic smiles, have you always been the one to fit in? Or are you always conscious about your non-photogenic looks? What if we tell you that you can look photogenic in every photo you wish to take? Would you try these tricks? Here are the …

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Five Trending Jeans Styles that a Jeans Lover should know

Are you a big fan of all types of jeans? Or do you count yourself as a jeans lover? Jeans are cool, and they go with every type of tshirt, shirt, blouse and top. They could be styled from formal to bohemian to chic. You can find almost plenty of …

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Four ways to Clean your Closet

Clean your Closet

It becomes difficult to clean clutter when you are in a hurry to go to a meeting, and you can’t find your favourite trousers and blouse. Cleaning up your wardrobe can be a headache which is time taking. So if you are one of those who mess up with their …

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Five Reasons why Men Need to Shave Every Day

Shave Every Day

Many men hate it for no reason, or the only reason behind it could be that they don’t look manly anymore, but there are many science-proven reasons why shaving daily could be an excellent practice for your skin. With the right way, tools, and products, Shaving could be a silver …

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Get Rid of the Chapped Lips with these Six Best Ways

Chapped Lips

Dryness, crankiness, or cheapness on your lips can make it uncomfortable and painful sometimes. A face looks charming with soft lips, but chapped lips can lower your charm. Lips skin is the thinnest skin of your body and is adversely affected by sun heat or dryness in the air. To …

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5 Cool Ways to wear a Basic T-shirt

Style t shirt

You just need to look around, and you will find most of the crowd wearing t-shirts casually pairing up with jeans that you might be tired of.  If you are part of the crowd and want to think out of the group wearing basic t-shirts daily in a casual way, …

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