Three Benefits of Listening to Music while Studying

You must have listened to music while jogging, exercising, doing yoga and of course dancing, but have you ever tried to listen to music while having an intellectual session? Yes, that’s true; listening to music while studying can elevate your psychological state, emotional, and thought processes and international studies have …

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Five Benefits of Reading Books Every Day

Reading Books

Have you ever been told how special it could be to read books daily? People who are not reading much may find it interesting to know the top five benefits that you can get out of reading books daily. Some book lovers may enjoy it the most, and others may …

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5 Top Hobbies That Science Says Can Sharpen Your Brain

sharp mind

Playing, learning something new, reading or exploring new activities can be some of your favourite hobbies to pick and enjoy. Little do people may know that hobbies can be fun yet intellectual too that can sharpen your mind. After reading this article on the top five hobbies for sharpening your …

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5 Effective ways to Boost Brain Power

Brain Power

Once you conquer your brain, you can conquer the world as it has the potential to build you into a highly intellectual person. Remember the arguments and debates you regretted later for not speaking your brain out at the moment? 

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These 6 Great Ways will help you to Grow Customers for your Small Business

Small Business

Now that you have set up your start with enthusiasm, ambitions, and big dreams, It’s time for you to work on it. You are ready with your products or services, logistics, delivery partners, and other necessary things. Now it’s time for you to change the scenario and drag your audience’s …

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Six Mistakes you can make when Working From Home

Working From Home

It’s been more than a year that we are battling with the coronavirus, and during the period, many businesses have shut down while others are continuing with work from home. Some people have found their comfort through this, and some are still struggling to settle with their work pattern that …

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5 Easy ways to keep you Awake while Studying

Awake while Studying

Are you the one who is struggling to keep their eyes always attentive during study hours but haven’t been successful yet?  Studying extensively can be exhausting sometimes for both adults and school-going children. 

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8 Successful Tips to Become More Confident


Are you the one feeling low every time a great opportunity comes your way, and you tend to lose it just because you are not sure about yourself? You think only superheroes can conquer the world? Believe it or not, you are lying to yourself. 

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5 Ways to Adapt for an Effective Study

Effective Study

Studying is a good practice, but if you can’t retain it for longer, this article is just for you. Long hour studies can be laborious and stressful. It becomes essential to stick to your study plan when exams are about to land. The five tips will teach you how you …

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