Best Five Home Remedies to Fight Covid Symptoms at Home

While the vaccination drive gets all of us vaccinated, we can go through many symptoms associated with covid. It might take time to get vaccinated. 

We can then find some home remedies that can cure these symptoms such as flu, cough, fever or body aches and strengthen our immune system at home. It is the best advice to talk to an expert if these remedies don’t work for long. 

Till then, here are the top five home remedies that can relieve you from suspicious covid symptoms.

Tulsi-Ginger Water   

Tulsi-Ginger Water   

Boil a cup of water and add some dry leaves of tulsi (holy basil) and ginger. Give it a good mix and make a good combination of the three in a cup or mug. This home remedy is potent and helps your body fight harmful pathogens. With tulsi’s antioxidant and antiseptic properties, the mixture strengthens your immune system.

Home Spices 

Home Spices 

Indian spices have all properties and power to heal the body. So do not forget to add cardamom, pepper, cinnamon and cloves in your lunch and dinner meals. Also, dry turmeric, a rich source of antiseptic and antioxidants properties, can do wonders. 

You can have a cup of warm turmeric milk before bed. It helps the body to get a good sleep and fight infections in the body. 

 Complete Sleep 

 Complete Sleep 

Try to take a complete eight hours of nap at night. It is scientifically proven that a good night sleep helps our immune system restore the energy to encounter toxins and diseases faster. However, you should avoid sleeping during the day time. 



It is essential to have wholesome food when your body is fighting a disease. It becomes necessary to include veggies in your diet. This will help the digestion system work property and digest all nutrients from the fruits to induce them into the immune system and make them stronger. 


protein food

You should add pulses like moong dal and rice gruel to your diet. Moong dal is a rich source of protein and nutrient to add up in a diet that can boost your immunity multiple times. 

It is best recommended to eat dinner before 7 pm so that your metabolism could process in the relaxed mode and digest meals properly. 


Every day is a fight against the diseases, and during the pandemic, it is highly recommended to take care of yourself when it’s tough to cope with the covid infection. So it is much easier to take precautions than to fight with the covid. Share these home remedies with your friends and family to take care of your loved ones. Follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more tips and facts. 

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