5 Top Hobbies That Science Says Can Sharpen Your Brain

sharp mind

Playing, learning something new, reading or exploring new activities can be some of your favourite hobbies to pick and enjoy. Little do people may know that hobbies can be fun yet intellectual too that can sharpen your mind. After reading this article on the top five hobbies for sharpening your …

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Four Effective Ways to have a Good Sleep During the Pandemic

Good Sleep

While the country is suffering from the tremendous danger of coronavirus, people are getting affected physically and emotionally.  It has become difficult to cope with everyday stress, and that’s why people lack a good quality sleep, affecting their mental, physical and emotional health.  Not having a good sleep cycle can …

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5 ways to Look more Attractive

Look Attractive

A butterfly can never see its beauty, how colourful her wings are or how beautiful patterns are part of her own body. The same goes for any human; people seek for accessories, products, clothes to look more beautiful in front of the world. Nothing can be more beautiful than looking …

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Five Mistakes you make while Washing your Face

face Wash

How often do you wash your face? With what products do you wash your face? Are you doing it the right way?  Have you ever thought about these questions while washing your face? Washing faces have never been so complex before, but here are some worst mistakes you make while …

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5 Healthy Meals that make you Smarter

Healthy Meals

You would probably have heard of games, books, quizzes, an exercise that activates your brain cells but have you ever heard of foods that do the job?  Of course, a healthy diet can make your way for better health of your body, but some of them can also feed your …

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4 Effective ways to Relieve Headaches in this pandemic


Headaches could not be a lesser experience than smashing our heads with a hammer. It is frustrating as well as painful. Headaches may be caused due to lack of sleep, stress, migraine, hangovers, or could be one of the symptoms of covid. Yes, it might be surprising and dangerous as …

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5 Effective ways to Boost Brain Power

Brain Power

Once you conquer your brain, you can conquer the world as it has the potential to build you into a highly intellectual person. Remember the arguments and debates you regretted later for not speaking your brain out at the moment?  That is because the presence of the mind can’t always …

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Try these Five Meals to Gain Weight Faster in a Healthy Way

Gain Weight

While people are leaning towards weight loss, some folks wish to gain weight but don’t reach their goal, even having too much food daily. The thing that people don’t understand is that only consuming food is not the appropriate way. If you have too much food along with junk food, …

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5 Ways to Save Energy Efficiently at Home

Energy Efficiently

Generations come and go and leave a significant impact on the earth’s surroundings. Mother earth has given humans all the fulfilling resources to survive on this planet, but the condition of utilizing those resources is to have a usage limit.  Overused resources have always harmed the earth. Surprisingly, this scenario …

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Five Best Foods to bring your Smell and Taste Sense Back

Smell and Taste

Nowadays, getting ill is seen as a symptom of coronavirus that people get frightened of mostly. One of the symptoms can be losing the smell and taste senses that could be a warning sign that you got positive. But here are the five foods that can help you bring the …

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