Four Things to Avoid During Studying

Reading Over

Studying is one of the activities that can be fun or can be miserable at times. Academics is important to achieve but to achieve it in the right way is the key goal. If you are a keen learner or even a study hater, these five mistakes during studies will …

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Five Reasons why Men Need to Shave Every Day

Shave Every Day

Many men hate it for no reason, or the only reason behind it could be that they don’t look manly anymore, but there are many science-proven reasons why shaving daily could be an excellent practice for your skin. With the right way, tools, and products, Shaving could be a silver …

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Five Tips on how you can Work your Long-Distance Relationship

Digital Dating

Long-distance relationships can be the purest and the most challenging relationships of all. When the intention is right, and love is true, there’s no way any obstacle can break it. Though, with time everything starts to take a toll. Here are the top five ways with which you can keep …

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5 Easy ways to Open a Locked Door when the Key is Lost

Locked Door

The worst and frustrating experience can be forgetting about the keys when you step out of home with the door locked, realizing that the keys are inside the house. A more annoying experience could be forgetting the keys in your locked car, which seems impossible to unlock without any expert. …

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Best Five Home Remedies to Fight Covid Symptoms at Home

Covid Symptoms

While the vaccination drive gets all of us vaccinated, we can go through many symptoms associated with covid. It might take time to get vaccinated.  We can then find some home remedies that can cure these symptoms such as flu, cough, fever or body aches and strengthen our immune system …

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5 Habits that can Save you from Coronavirus at Home

Save from Coronavirus

The new and greater rise of covid-19 in 2021 has shaken people after the opening of public places when unlock came into action in India.  Looks like 2020 is on loop this year too! Amid the covid-19 rise, everyone must take care of their health and until they get vaccinated. …

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Five Immunity Booster Juices to Fight from Coronavirus

Immunity Booster Juices

Everyone knows that maintaining social distance, staying away from the sick and regularly washing our hands are some of the primary precautions that could help fight the noble coronavirus. This pandemic let’s fight the noble virus and all other pathogens with top five immunity booster drinks and juices made with …

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Get Rid of the Chapped Lips with these Six Best Ways

Chapped Lips

Dryness, crankiness, or cheapness on your lips can make it uncomfortable and painful sometimes. A face looks charming with soft lips, but chapped lips can lower your charm. Lips skin is the thinnest skin of your body and is adversely affected by sun heat or dryness in the air. To …

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5 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Phone’s Battery

Phone’s Battery

Are you concerned about why your smartphone battery drains faster and needs more charging in a day? You might be negligible and make some mistakes that can worsen the condition of your battery health. You can make the five most common mistakes with your smartphones that can drastically degrade your …

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