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5 Habits that can Save you from Coronavirus at Home

Save from Coronavirus

The new and greater rise of covid-19 in 2021 has shaken people after the opening of public places when unlock came into action in India.  Looks like 2020 is on loop this year too! Amid the covid-19 rise, everyone must take care of their health and until they get vaccinated. …

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Five Immunity Booster Juices to Fight from Coronavirus

Immunity Booster Juices

Everyone knows that maintaining social distance, staying away from the sick and regularly washing our hands are some of the primary precautions that could help fight the noble coronavirus. This pandemic let’s fight the noble virus and all other pathogens with top five immunity booster drinks and juices made with …

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Get Rid of the Chapped Lips with these Six Best Ways

Chapped Lips

Dryness, crankiness, or cheapness on your lips can make it uncomfortable and painful sometimes. A face looks charming with soft lips, but chapped lips can lower your charm. Lips skin is the thinnest skin of your body and is adversely affected by sun heat or dryness in the air. To …

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5 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Phone’s Battery

Phone’s Battery

Are you concerned about why your smartphone battery drains faster and needs more charging in a day? You might be negligible and make some mistakes that can worsen the condition of your battery health. You can make the five most common mistakes with your smartphones that can drastically degrade your …

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5 Top Hobbies That Science Says Can Sharpen Your Brain

sharp mind

Playing, learning something new, reading or exploring new activities can be some of your favourite hobbies to pick and enjoy. Little do people may know that hobbies can be fun yet intellectual too that can sharpen your mind. After reading this article on the top five hobbies for sharpening your …

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Four Effective Ways to have a Good Sleep During the Pandemic

Good Sleep

While the country is suffering from the tremendous danger of coronavirus, people are getting affected physically and emotionally.  It has become difficult to cope with everyday stress, and that’s why people lack a good quality sleep, affecting their mental, physical and emotional health. 

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5 ways to Look more Attractive

Look Attractive

A butterfly can never see its beauty, how colourful her wings are or how beautiful patterns are part of her own body. The same goes for any human; people seek for accessories, products, clothes to look more beautiful in front of the world.

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Five Mistakes you make while Washing your Face

face Wash

How often do you wash your face? With what products do you wash your face? Are you doing it the right way?  Have you ever thought about these questions while washing your face? Washing faces have never been so complex before, but here are some worst mistakes you make while …

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4 Effective ways to Relieve Headaches in this pandemic


Headaches could not be a lesser experience than smashing our heads with a hammer. It is frustrating as well as painful. Headaches may be caused due to lack of sleep, stress, migraine, hangovers, or could be one of the symptoms of covid. Yes, it might be surprising and dangerous as …

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