8 Dangerous Effects of Drinking Water while Standing

Do you also get annoyed while your elders ask you to sit and gulp the water in your glass? Though it is just the right thing, they say for your good health

No matter if you have more than eight glasses a day to hydrate your body, the position you are having while you drink water majorly affects your health. 

It is scientifically proven that drinking water while standing can make your health condition worse, which should be avoided. Here, we cover eight scientific reasons why you should NOT gulp water when you are in a standing position. 

1. It Causes Arthritis 


This might be a shocking fact to you, but all the times you have been spending drinking water while standing might affect you by arthritis in later life. You disrupt the balance of fluids in the body by drinking water standing, which often leads to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints, triggering arthritis.

2. Water Splashes on the Stomach Wall 

While you go or come home in a rush and drink water standing, it flows through your gt while splashing on the stomach wall. The direct splash on the stomach wall harms the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system later. 

3. It doesn’t quench your thirst 

It might surprise you, but your thirst is never going to quench when you have water standing. This act even makes you drink water more frequently. You should drink water sitting calmly on a chair or somewhere to quench your thirst truly.

4. Indigestion 

While you stand and have water, your gut’s muscles and nervous system is tightened; in contrast, when you sit, the muscles and nervous system are much relaxed and help in good digestion of water. 

5. Kidney doesn’t filter water well  

The filtration process of kidneys gets disturbed when you drink water in a standing position resulting in improper excretion of impurities and bladder. It can lead to harmful urinary tract disorders caused by remaining impurities in the bladder, causing permanent kidney damage. 

6. It doesn’t dilute acid levels in the body 

Ancient Ayurveda says that water must be consumed in slow, small swigs while sitting down. It will adequately dilute the body’s acid levels by combining them with the necessary proportion of water.

7. Cause Ulcer and heartburn

When you drink water in a standing position, it splashes on the lower half of the esophagus very hard. This can disturb the sphincter, the joint between the stomach and esophagus. This way, the esophagus can experience a burning sensation due to the stomach’s acids flowing backward.

8. Tense the Nerves

Tense the nerves

When you drink water standing, a ‘fight and flight system’ activates, causing nerve tension in the body. On the other hand, when you sit down and gulp water, a parasympathetic system, also known as the ‘rest and digest system,’ comes into the fray that helps to calm your senses and ease the process of digestion.


So if you have read till here, it would have cleared your mind why your elders’ annoy’ you and ask you to sit down to drink water.

The association of water with health majorly affects the body organs in various aspects and can ruin your health condition when you stand and sip water from your favorite bottle. 

Share this content with your friends and family members that are fast drinkers. Comment down in which position you quench your thirst. 

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