8 Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants that make you Breathe Fresh Air at Home

If you live in a modern infra-building, then fresh air is what your lungs would be craving for a long time. The only problem with these energy-efficient, modern buildings is that there’s less airflow that creates indoor pollutants that have unintended side-effects on your healthy lifestyle. The modern furnishing, synthetic paints and other building material, and even a carpet hold chemicals that cause sick building syndrome and other breathing problems.

Health Benefits of Air-Purifying Indoor plants

Plants add tremendous value in offices and homes to impact VOC levels ridiculously. Still, some foliage are also capable of filling your indoor ambience with improved air-quality and breathable air. Here are some of the benefits you get from the purifying plants.

  • Reduce irritation to eyes, ears, nose and throat
  • Prevent or ease coughing and congestion
  • Lower your stress
  • Boost your attention capacity
  • Natural humidifier
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Let’s see which are the top 10 air-purifying indoor-plants that can be your air-freshener companion

1. Spider plants

spider plants


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The cute little spider plant looks great in office rooms or inside your bedroom while hanging in a basket or producing lovely white blossoms in a plant pot. It costumes less water and takes indirect sunlight, which is an excellent choice for forgetful owners.

Pollutants removed- formaldehyde, xylene

2. Dracaena


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They are a suitable variant for keeping inside the home or office cabins but beware of their toxins released when eaten by cats and dogs. Dracaena only need a little mist then water.

Pollutants removed- benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene.

3. Garden mum

Garden mum

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Garden mums are beautiful blooming plants that are inexpensive and can be potted outside your premises. Expose them in less than 10 hours of sunlight and keep them away from your pets; they have toxins.

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Pollutants removed- benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene.

4. Golden pothos

Golden pothos

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Devil’s ivy or golden pothos is one of the most effective indoor purifying plants that remove common toxins. However, it is toxic to your pets, like cats and dogs.

Pollutants removed- formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene, CO and more.

5. Snake plants

Snake plants

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Mother in law plants or snake plants are some of the hardest houseplants to kill. This occasionally requiring-water plant generally prefers drier conditions most of the time.

Pollutants removed- formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene.

6. Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm

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Although Bamboo palms are slow growers but can bring most foliage to your home, the plant requires bright sunlight to grow and grow a maximum to 12 feet.

Pollutants removed- benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene

7. Aloe vera

Aloe vera

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Not only are they suitable for your skin, but they also give your pollutant-free breathable air at home. The aloe vera leaves contain a clear liquid full of vitamin, enzymes, amino acids, and other compounds.

Pollutants removed- formaldehyde

8. Rubber plant

Rubber plant


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The evergreen trees from India love bright, filtered light and a little attention now and then. Make sure you keep your pets away; rubber plants are toxic to dogs and cats.

Pollutants removed- carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene.

Bottom line

Plants not only give you toxin-free and pollution-free air in your indoors but also are proven to be stress busters while you water them and spend some time talking to them. In this modern era, plants add a little vibrancy with air-filter benefits in your modern premises that make your home pollutant-free and bright.

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