7 Worst Things that are Bad for your Heart

There are an estimated 17.9 million lives that are lost every year due to cardiovascular diseases ( heart diseases) globally.

Because of this fast rushing lifestyle, heart hazards have become the number one cause of death for both men and women. 

However, some things can not be controlled, like inherited heart complications, but to improve the conditions and make the heart healthier, you can avoid these seven worst things for your heart health. 

1. Smoking 


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Even occasional smoking can lead to acute heart complications. The harmful toxins released in your body after puffing cigarettes harm each body organ, including your heart. 

There’s a chemical release that increases the risk of atherosclerosis in which a waxy substance called plaque sticks to the arteries causing them to narrow. This deadly condition can end in heart attack and other coronary heart diseases. 

2. Overweight


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You might feel fine by being overweight, but it can impose many health complications related to your heart and even high blood pressure. 

Switch to a healthier diet that includes half of the meals with fruits and veggies that can reduce weight or talk to your dietician to maintain a good diet. 

3. Cutting Processed food 

Cutting Processed food 

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Studies have shown that intake of processed meat like bacon and sausages can increase cardiovascular diseases. Though you don’t want to cut out a complete meat diet, you can add veggies to make the meal a healthier plate. 

Carbonate drinks 

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Sugary carbonated drinks like coke or soda increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in a body. Adding sugary drinks to your daily routine is the worst mistake you make to decline your heart health. 

4. Excessive Alcohol 

Excessive alcohol 

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Taking more than three glasses of alcohol per day releases toxic effects in your body, leading to high blood pressure, weakened heart, and fat accumulation. 

Apart from red wine has some health benefits, consuming excessive alcohol is linked to cardiovascular problems. 

5. Sitting for longer hours 

Sitting for longer hours 

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Constantly sitting on your permanent chair during office hours can prove deadly for your health.

Despite following your exercise routine daily, you can be triggered with certain health complications like cardiovascular disease, heart stroke, obesity and higher blood pressure, etc. 

Try to keep moving outside or inside your office or premises to get rid of such conditions. 

6. Not taking enough sleep 

taking enough sleep 

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Irregular sleep hours can become one of the dangerous signs of an increasing rate of disorder. If you snore at night, that could be a symptom of lower oxygen levels in the body leading to spike blood pressure. Aim to sleep for 8 hours to regulate your sleep cycle. 

Final words 

To keep your heart healthy, you must try to adapt to a healthier life to avoid cardiovascular complications in your coming future and stay healthier to enjoy every moment in life. Drop a comment about how you got influenced by this article and share this to your near and dear. 

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