6 Pooja Room Vastu Tips to Make your Home a Happy Place

A Pooja room in every Indian home is the only room where you find your inner peace and practice meditation out of a hassled life. According to Vastu Shastra, the pooja room plays a vital role in spreading positive energy throughout your home. Still, people aren’t well-versed about some special vastu guidelines that can improve the ambience of your home, making it heavenly. Here we have collectively covered six essential Pooja Room Vastu tips that can make your home more happy and peaceful. 

1. The perfect direction 

In Vastu, some heavenly directions play a vital role to harness positivity all over the home. North-east is an ideal direction followed by east and north. If you’re designing a new home and can construct your pooja room according to you, avoid the basement or higher floors of the house. It’s best to place your mandir on the ground level of your home. 

2. Temple design 

Temple design 

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A pooja room should have a low ceiling. You can prefer a pyramid-shaped or gopura-like top that aids in creating a positive atmosphere. You can also consider building a threshold and two-door entry if space allows it.

3. Idol placement 

Once your pooja room’s layout and structure are ready, it’s time to place your idols. The ideal placement of idols would be a few inches away from the wall with at least six inches from the ground. Strictly avoid portraits of the dead and paintings depicting violence; they do not belong in your pooja room.

4. Secure a holy place for items 

Wondering where to store all the religious books, lamps, pooja related items? The ideal place to keep all the holy items in the south-east direction and avoid storing anything above the idols. 

5. Pooja room Colour

Pooja room colour is one of the essential aspects of Vastu Shastra. You can use light colours like white, light-blue, or light-yellow to create a meditative atmosphere. If you opt for marble, you can choose white or pale coloured marble in your holy pooja room. 

6. Temple design 

You will need bright lights to illuminate your pooja room since it would be the smallest room of your home. Lit your diyas with a window in the northeast direction. If that’s not possible, use plentiful artificial lights as a substitution.

Final words 

Now that you know all the essential Vastu tips to make your home full of positivity, it’s time to fulfil your ambience with the scared aura with bright lights that make you feel cheerful all day. Share these top six vastu tips with your friends and family to help them place their puja room in the perfect direction. For more such amazing Astro-contents, follow carechef on FB, Twitter and Instagram. 

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