5 Ways to Save Energy Efficiently at Home

Generations come and go and leave a significant impact on the earth’s surroundings. Mother earth has given humans all the fulfilling resources to survive on this planet, but the condition of utilizing those resources is to have a usage limit. 

Overused resources have always harmed the earth. Surprisingly, this scenario may turn around to the next human generations with no resources if we do not stop overutilizing resources. 

Energy is one of the resources that almost every house is surviving with. Overutilizing power will only lack the resource for our future generations, so let’s learn these five ways on how you can efficiently save energy at home. 

1. Turn the fan off when you Leave Room 

fan off

Like other electronics in the house, fans also add heavy amounts to your bill when you don’t utilize them smartly. Whenever you leave the room in your home, don’t forget to turn off the fans to save a massive amount of energy. 

Also, unlike air conditioners, fans only blow the air around the room and throw warm air on people due to the heat generated on the motor. 

2. Drop window Shades and Curtains on Windows in the Afternoon

Shades and Curtains

When you close windows and drop curtains over them, the sunlight doesn’t enter your room and makes it cooler, which means less usage of air conditioners. You can oppose this trick in the winter to let the sun’s warmth come inside your cold room, and you would save energy on the heaters also.

3. Wash Clothes in Cool Water 

It is not always necessary to wash your clothes with warm water until it’s very urgent. Warming the water takes almost 90% of energy which is not a good number to save energy. 

So you should always prefer to wash clothes with cold water only.  

4. Cover Food and Drink Items in Refrigerators 

To ensure you save energy, consider covering the food items and drink items before putting them inside the fridge. Foods release moisture when not covered, resulting in heavy pressure on the compressor ro keep the unit cool. You can wrap with plastic wrap or reusable containers to save a little extra on your electricity bill. 

5. Use energy-Saving Electronics 

Always buy electronics with more energy-saving stars to ensure you conserve a tremendous amount of energy. They utilize yet another unit of power so that it doesn’t levy heavy on your monthly electricity bills and are also environment friendly. 


If we start taking steps towards conserving energy with eco-friendly ways, there will be no lack of resources for generations ever. Help the mother earth live longer with these efficient energy-saving ways and share this with your friends and family. Follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram to get more such amazing articles. 

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