5 Ways to become more Photogenic

In this world full of photogenic smiles, have you always been the one to fit in? Or are you always conscious about your non-photogenic looks? What if we tell you that you can look photogenic in every photo you wish to take? Would you try these tricks? Here are the four best ways you must try to transform your looks into photogenic.

1. Practice in front of the mirror

1. Practice in front of the mirror

A major part of looking good comes with feeling comfortable, so you should try practicing poses in front of the mirror or use your camera’s self-timer. You need to loosen up, smile, and pretend someone is snapping your picture to gain that confidence.

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2. Find your best angle

People often don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces, and you could be one of them. I would say 98% of the pictures taken of me are of the left side of my face, and that’s because I look significantly better from that angle.

3. Focus on details

Whether it’s a picture with or without makeup you would rather like to be clicked, you should always focus on the makeup colors or subtle makeup you wear with your outfit. Be gentle on your looks unless it’s a bold makeup shoot. Also, coordinate your makeup with the type of dress you are wearing to make the photo more attractive.

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4. Express emotions

Express emotions

Your eyes, mouth, angle and poses say it all. All the little things matter while taking a photogenic picture. Concentrate on what you want to express in your pictures, sad, happy, anxious, excited, delighted… one click says it all.

5. Make adjustment

There’s nothing wrong with standing straight while taking a picture but if you need to change the posing game, look for the best angles and adjustments. Try one pose by moving your arms away from the body because when they’re squashed against you, they tend to look bigger. Turn your body at a slight angle to show off my waist and put one foot slightly in front of the other. This pose will look way better than a standing pose.

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Never forget to express yourself in pictures or while facing the camera; your looks and personality also matter with the emotions you show on the camera to look more photogenic. Share this article with your non-photogenic friends who need some help. Follow carechef on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more tips and facts on lifestyle.

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