5 Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Office to get you the Most Benefits of it

Finance stays in the heart and soul of every business person that he would always want to grow, and according to the ancient science of vastu shastra, you can escalate your financial growth. With these five office Vastu Shastra guidelines, you can bring more financial stability by uplifting prosperity and positivity with directions that make your office environment more peaceful and spiritual. 

1. Sit facing North-East

Sit facing North-East

According to Vastu Shastra, entrepreneurs at the office should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it is considered the auspicious direction. The sun rises in the east, which makes it conducive for financial growth.

2. Grow sales facing Northwest Direction  

The northwest direction is the ideal direction for the Marketing and sales professionals. They should sit so that the seat must face the north-east direction to ensure more proactivity at work to professionals.

3. North-East is Perfect for Financial Profits   

Vastu directions conducive to financial prosperity are north and northeast. The northern direction is ruled by Lord Kubera, the god of wealth. 

According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east direction is governed by water, which indicates a person’s financial status. Placing a mirror or a Kuber Yantra on the northern wall of the northern section of the office ensures better financial opportunities.

4. If you the Boss, then Place the Cabin Towards The West

Business heads should occupy a cabin in the western part of the office. They should face the north-east direction as it helps improve leadership skills.

5. South-East, the Best Direction for Accountants

Accounting professionals should sit in the southeast corner at work and face the northeast direction for increased wealth.


If you have a startup or office that you wish to grow with prosperity and positivity, these directions can raise positive and give you the aura to leverage the profits in your business. Please share this article with your entrepreneur friends and join our amazing community on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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