5 Top Hobbies That Science Says Can Sharpen Your Brain

Playing, learning something new, reading or exploring new activities can be some of your favourite hobbies to pick and enjoy. Little do people may know that hobbies can be fun yet intellectual too that can sharpen your mind. After reading this article on the top five hobbies for sharpening your mind power, you will not only be enjoying your hobbies but also boost your brainpower, making you smarter. 

1. Regular Exercising 

Wonder why entrepreneurs or businessmen opt for waking up early to exercise? Here is the secret behind it. Exercising daily not only helps you stay healthy- but it can also make you think brighter. Now running, weightlifting, cardio, yoga, and even just walking can help you be a better entrepreneur as all these leave long-term brain benefits.

2. Playing Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Undoubtedly, There’s no denying the link between playing music and achieving goals. 

The music that comes from instruments helps elevate several essential skills, such as leadership, innovation, and confidence, boosting the power of brain cells and making the mind more active.

3. Video Games 

Video Games 

Playing video games indeed have cognitive benefits. There are plenty of wealthy people who play five hours a week on average. 

Video games have been proven to improve memory, spatial reasoning skills, strategy, and social skills to interact with the world eruditely. 

So whenever you solve complex puzzles, killing zombies, or becoming a rich criminal mastermind in San Andreas, enjoy it and activate the brainpower. 

4. Learning Foreign Language 

Speaking new and multiple foreign languages improves the brain’s executive function, covering everything from memory to reasoning, problem-solving, planning, execution, and evaluation.

Learning additional languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese is highly beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

5. Reading 


Reading daily is a habit that will make you smarter – or even happier and healthier. It elevates the brain cells to activate more and read new phases that you might have heard for the first time will accelerate many intellectual skills. Be it fiction, non-fiction, self-help or romantic stories, keep reading to know more about your brain abilities. 

Bottom line 

Choosing any of these will help you keep your memory sharp, enhance your cognitive skills, and keep your brain activated for the long-term, which will benefit you in multiple ways tomorrow. Who knows, these hobbies might make you an entrepreneur? Share this article to your friends and family and let them know how to become smarter by having fun. Follow carechef for more amazing facts on Twitter, FB and Instagram. 

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