5 tips for Coping with Mental Health this Pandemic

With the rise in covid cases from the last year 2020, many shocking cases of depression and suicides shook the nation. Many people lost their jobs, their businesses shut, children stopped meeting friends, students were in depression to pass the exams. 

Though, many reasons contributed to the ill mental health of people that made it difficult for them to cope with the situation. 

When your mind is not in peace, even the little things in life start to dispirit your body to do something new in life. 

This not only affects you but the people and their ambience around you. Here are the five ways that can help you check on your mental health. 

1. Get a Good Sleep 

Good Sleep 

While prioritizing sleep isn’t always easy, it’s crucial for well-being.Consider limiting your caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine intake. 

If anxiety or depression affects your sleep, create a bedtime routine, and find a peaceful activity like reading, journaling, or listening to peaceful music.It can slow your brain down before bed, helping in achieving a good night sleep.

2. Maintain Routine 

Maintain Routine 
Woman checking the calendar

Sticking to your routine to sleep, meal-times, exercise, and work can help manage mental stress.

Many scientific studies have shown that when you follow a schedule during stressful times or traumatic situations, it relaxes your mind and helps you cope better.

3. Practice Mindfulness 

Meditation can be the best practice to achieve mindfulness in your head and body. Connect to a peaceful place, and sit or lay down. Start inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes while focusing on breathing, allowing your thoughts and feelings to move away from you.

4. Find Social Support

Although social distancing requires physical distancing but connecting with your nears can help improve depression and anxiety symptoms.

Staying connected with loved ones virtually can be hard during the Pandemic, but video conferencing or talking over the phone to them can help you feel less lonely. 

In addition, find a peer-support group, either in person or online, via social media. There are many community resources to combat depression and anxiety. 

5. Make the Best Out of You 

Find something that makes you happy; it can be any hobby or activity. Be more proactive than before that can divert your mind and make you feel better about yourself. 

Draft a book, start a Youtube channel, create DIY crafts, read new books, play your favourite games, or start dance couchings. 

Be creative; this can help you a lot with mental health that helps you express your feelings with passion. 


Sadness is everywhere around but to conquer the stress in your mind, make your soul happy. Try these practices at home and recommend them to your friends to stand against ill mental health and anxiety. Join our community and follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram for more tips on mental health. 

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