5 Healthy Meals that make you Smarter

You would probably have heard of games, books, quizzes, an exercise that activates your brain cells but have you ever heard of foods that do the job? 

Of course, a healthy diet can make your way for better health of your body, but some of them can also feed your brain IQ to be smarter. Here are the five healthy foods that can boost your brainpower and make you intellectual all the way. 



The foremost diet includes plenty and plenty of water. Studies have proved that dehydration can damage your ability to focus and recall information, so make sure you’re drinking at least 8 cups of water daily to keep your brain happy, nutritious and hydrated. 

Green Veggies Spinach 

Green Veggies Spinach 

Swap your fried chips and junks with a salad or a bowl of green vegetables for a more positive brain-boosting meal. Leafy veggies like spinach, kale, collard, and mustard greens are enriched with antioxidants that could slow down or recover memory loss. It has been proven by science that less vegetable intake was associated with reduced cognitive decline.



Switch the candies and snacks with some nuts for a more productive afternoon. Sweets can help you hit energy levels but not for a longer time. Swapping those junky calories with some healthy fats will give you lasting energy all day and an improved ability to think. Make sure you stick with a handful or two nuts per day. 



If you’d wish for a morning full of energy, start your day with a cup of green tea, a morning pick-me-up that will boost your brainpower. Tea is enriched with antioxidants that grow neuron production in your brain. A foreign study shows that an inorganic compound in green tea prevents memory loss and degenerative diseases.



Egg yolks are a rich and quality source of chlorine, a substance that strengthens your memory and brainpower. A study at the Boston University School of Medicine found that high chlorine intake is associated with a better boost in memory cells and reduced likelihood of brain changes that precede dementia.


You probably have consumed these foods in your day to day diet, but intake of maximum dietary food can better the performance of the brain and help you think faster, better and intellectually. Share this with your friends and family to help them boost their brainpower. Comment down your favourite brain booster diet and follow carechef on Twitter, FB and Instagram. 

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